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Our Story

Welcome to Wandering Guide Publishing. Here, you are always welcome. No matter your gender, race, religion, or orientation our primary focus is to bring a megaphone to the influential voices of tomorrow, and create a platform to elevate those disenfranchised everywhere else. Our stories center around compassion, empathy, and above all, the courage to be you or your hero’s truest self. IF you do not have a home, you will always have a home here with us, so please, come along, and join the caravan.

What is Wandering Guide Publishing

Here we were, just chatting about our dreams as we usually do. I was imagining what it would be like to be a big time publisher, or be a New York Times Bestseller. A friend of mine I had made in college was discussing his ambitions to be a director and then I slipped into one of the story ideas I had. I won’t pump myself up by telling you his reaction, but from that early conversation in the Spring of 2016 he asked me what the hell I was waiting for, and after spending some time on the question I realized that I had no idea why I was waiting. Four years have passed, and my focus is still all over the place, but my passion hasn’t subsided.

Wandering Guide Publishing has been a passion nurtured from my childhood as I started drawing pictures of monsters, stapled them together in a booklet and showed them to my mom as a book. I would flip through my drawings and explain what each monster was and what they did. The trouble was I was such a late reader, and really didn’t get the hang of reading until I was twelve years old. Once I did though, I couldn’t stop, and a few years later, finished writing my first novel at 16, and then another the year after. I’ve had the amazing privilege of writing three full-length novels and a screenplay, but I haven’t had the courage to publish them. I thought I’d find the courage in the journey of helping others publish their works, but realized that I had to take the last step for myself before I could convincingly encourage others to take the same leap.

Wandering Guide Publishing is ultimately a platform for breaking through whatever barriers may be facing you as an author to proclaim your truth to the world. We are not shy about our truths as a LGBTQ+ supportive company, and our goal is to elevate every voice whether you are apart of our community or not. Our saying is “Join the Caravan” and we mean it both literally and figuratively. We are passionate about investing in you, and want you to feel like you are apart of a bigger family, not just us as a company, but our team that will work with you on achieving your goals, as well as the other authors we work with so that each and every one of you feel included and supported.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re not sure about the next step, don’t worry, we’ve each been in your shoes, but the adventure ahead of you is magnificent and we can’t wait to take this journey with you. Come along with us, and join the caravan.

Horror Collections: WIP

An experiment probing into peoples most irrational fears, this collection brings together seemingly unrelated phobias we hold and weaves them together into a single fable told through the collection of many smaller stories. Every story asks the question, "What's the worse you could imagine?" clowns, tiny holes on the skin, bridges, trains, dreams, and insanity are just some of the challenges our unwitting victims face. Inspired by the works of Ambrose Bierse, Edgar Allen Poe, and H. P. Lovecraft, these stories endeavor to explore the fear of our own minds and where they can take us when left unchecked.

Rhett Martens –


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