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Welcome to Wandering Guide Publishing! Here all are welcome. As our core principles are that we "encourage” one another and that we “accept” everyone. If you do not have a home, you have a home with us, so please, come along, and join the caravan.

What Is Wandering Guide Publishing?

In April of 2016 a friend of mine pushed me to create a publishing company due to a blogpost I had written about potentially starting one, one day. I never thought that it would be something I would start at the beginning of my career, but after a little time thinking it over I realized there was no better time to do what I had always dreamed. That is where Wandering Guide Publishing came into existence.

Wandering Guide Publishing is a YA publisher of all genre's whose primary focus is to be a Mouth Piece for a new, more accepting generation. Our goal is to spread the compassion and empathy so many millennials have for people of different race, religion, and orientation and influence our culture to embrace people of different backgrounds. To encourage this voice, we dedicate to give at least 10% of all book sales to a LGBTQ+ related charity organization to help support a community that has always been there for me.

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Cover of Rhett Marten's first novel, 'Renewal By Fire', A village cast in red light near the mountains as a meteor plummets towards it with the title and author overlaying the image.

Renewal By Fire

SYNOPSIS: Renewal By Fire is the story of a young boy who loses everything when a meteor crashes down into his small village sending him on a journey of survival across the mountains to safety. His journey doesn't end once he arrives to the capital city of Elm Rock. Fires begin to terrorize the countryside, and the young boy Johnathan, along with the crown Prince and a an unsuspecting band of exiles goes north to cross the mountains to return to where the fires first started. This is a tale of loss, of revenge, but most of all, it is a story of fathers and sons and the relationships that make boys into men.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rhett Martens is a three time novelist, and Renewal By Fire is his debut published novel. For the past 8 years he has worked on perfecting his craft as well as teaching other young authors and writers how to tell their stories more clearly to uncover the gem in each of their stories. From an early age he has had a passion for story-telling, but struggled with reading until he was 12 and got ahold of J.K. Rowlings: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Since then he has been writing nearly as long as he has been reading.Based in Western Maryland he lives with his boyfriend of two years and his three magical cats.

“Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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