I have always wanted to tell great stories. My passion for sharing truth and the ability to encourage people through written word has been a central part of my life since I started writing. Before that, I would tell stories and would draw pictures to channel my fears creating my monster book when I was eight years old.

Since then I have faced real monsters, and come to realize that we all have the ability to be the hero, and the villain in our own stories as well as others. My dream is to help others learn the hard lessons of being compassionate to those who hurt you and forgiving of others no matter what has been done to you for the simple truth that we all grow, we all have the ability to learn, and without forgiveness and compassion we linger on the things that corrupt us.

So! I Created Wandering Guide Publishing

In April of 2016 a friend of mine pushed me to create a publishing company due to a blogpost I had written about potentially starting one, one day. I never thought that it would be something I would start at the beginning of my career, but after a little time thinking it over I realized there was no better time to do what I had always dreamed. That is where Wandering Guide Publishing came into existence.

I wanted to create a platform for other kids like me who could write great stories, but needed guidance along the way to get out a message of love and acceptance for people of every color, every religion, and every oriantation. Since I was little I felt a deep connection to those disinfranchized. Like an orphan adopted, I always had my family, but there was this disconnection where I knew I didn’t really connect or belong to the people I grew up with. Through much hardship and fought for love, we have grown, but I have learned that there is nothing wrong with my differences, and that those differences make me strong.

Like a Guide, or the Ugly Duckling, I know how it feels to be rejected by those around me, and I know that so many experience worse rejection than I ever have. Joining others along a similar path. I have started a Caravan of misfit toys, and day-dreamers to imagine a world where magic is in our hearts and our creative minds when we share the love that we have with one another. So I hope that you will join us, and follow as we experience a great new adventure together.

Rhett Martens

Owner of Wandering Guide Publishing