You might be asking yourself what is #WriterStigma? You know what blows me away about the writing community is how much self-doubt floats around. I have been writing for 10 years, and for me and in my experience, my biggest hurtle I’ve yet to overcome is Publishing. It’s embarrassing because I own this Publishing Company, I understand the process in and out, and have even nearly published a couple of books, but never hit that submit button.

I’m afraid, if I’m being completely honest. Fear of being corrected on my grammar makes me freeze up in that fateful moment. Sometimes really miss the mark. I try hard to write well, to clean it up, but I have a lot of self-doubt. Working with so many editors, I have had some experiences that have been absolutely awful. One in particular completely butchered my voice. Responding to my broken heart she said “I had to, you’re writing was a mess”. I paid her money I didn’t have and went on my way hiding my stories.

Overcome #WriterStigma

Here’s the thing though, that lack of self-confidence permeates the writing community, and many great authors first breakthrough novels are riddled with small, barely tangible mistakes. Writing is a craft, it takes consistent practice to get better. Just like artwork though, you have to get it out to the world to improve and grow. When it sits tucked away on your shelf, where no one can read it, you don’t grow, you stagnate.

Your doubt is healthy. It means your realistic about your ability and know that you can always improve, but like any performer, it shouldn’t hold you back from producing work, it should propel you with confidence that you’re putting in the right kind of work, and are able to grow. I want to see more writers explore their writing. I want to see more writers produce their work! Take The time to get a great cover, and trust your readers forgetfulness and forgiveness to still fall in love with your stories, even if it’s less than perfect.

That to me is what I would consider #WriterStigma. My stigma’s as a writer may be completely different from your own. I add the hashtag so that you can start the conversation with other writers. What holds you up? Why haven’t you published? What is the story you’re dying to tell and what is keeping you from doing it? Most importantly, what can you do to help other writers overcome their obstacles?

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