Welcoming New Authors

Greeting! If you have come to this page looking to get your manuscript published, than awesome, we are really happy to have you. I want to outline for you what we are looking for, and hopefully provide you some cursory knowledge of what we do so that you can make the best determination whether we would be a good fit for you or not.

What We Are

As a publishing company, what we are may seem pretty straight forward, but in this decade and the previous one, publishing is not as clear cut as it used to be. If you were for example to get published with Penguin Random House, or another of the large publishing houses, you would get the whole deal. Usually an advance, royalties, top of the line editing, illustration, marketing, distribution, and if you’re really successful additional deals for merchandizing and other media deals depending on the type of work you published. A lot has changed in the past twenty years, deals are not as big with major publishing houses, the gate of entry seems even tighter, and by the time you get there, there is no guarantee of any success. Through the decades that followed this change, a lot of smaller presses took root, piggy backing off of less than ideal printing options and started printing what felt like unchecked work for general consumption.

Thankfully, a lot has changed, and things have gotten cleaner and easier than every to produce beautiful high quality books without having to go through all the hoops. Navigating this can still be a challenge, and marketing alone can be an even more daunting task. That’s where Wandering Guide Publishing comes into play. No, we are not a stand alone publishing house that prints your books ourselves. We use all of the well known options like Kindle Direct Publishing, and Ingram Spark. The difference between us publishing your work through these avenues and you publishing your manuscript is the following:

  • We can provide you beautiful Illustrations and can help you find the right cover artist
  • We can market to our over 3,000 followers, as well and branch out into ad campaigns to reach a broader audience
  • We have published before, so we can ensure the formatting is to your liking
  • We provide the face for your book, and credibility by advertising for you, and getting well known authors to review your work
  • We work with our network of readers to get you good reviews. We can ensure our readers will like your review too without compromising the integrity of your reviews because we know what they like to read and are walking through the editing process
  • We provide you with professional editing services to ensure your manuscript is ready for publication

So if you feel like publication is one hillside too tall to climb alone we are here for you, and will walk with you through the process. It costs you nothing up front, and we work to provide our services for a small cut, as well as give a portion of our own cut to a charity of your choice from our preferred partners.

What We Are Not

No one ever seems to tell you what they are not. We are not big. We don’t have an unlimited amount of connections and person-power to get your book in every hand or on every shelf. We wish we could, but unfortunately we do have our own limits. What we don’t have though, I think we make up for in creative marketing solutions, like our attendance of favorite events and festivals where we sell books as well as our persistence for you. We won’t be a perfect fit for everyone, and we don’t believe that we are the right fit for a long time. Every book has it’s shelf life, and so we have a very ambitious schedule we work into our contracts to enable us to get your books in as many homes as we can, and return your rights for publication so that once we’ve done all we can do, you can continue to promote your own work. We don’t want to take residual income from any work we are not actively promoting, so we evaluate our level of effort, our marketing strategy, and our cut of the profits within a confined window to ensure where we lack, we’re not stripping possible royalties from you when we are not actively supporting your books journey into people’s homes.

Our business is helping authors, not getting rich off of them while there book withers from the consciousness of whatever is popular in any given time. Your book matters to us, and your ability to reap the most benefit you can is important, so while we cannot give you everything we would hope to, we work hard to provide our best and return your amazing work to you when we’ve expended our resources. Think of us as a boost, we are here to get you started and as you keep writing we want to partner with you to create as much success as possible for yourself.

What Is With The Caravan?

Before I let you go, I want to share a little bit about why we say “Join the Caravan”. In 2016 when we first started this journey, at the very heart of what we wanted to do, was create events centered around books that were unconventional. Our goals are still the same as they were back then, but as true as it was then, we can’t do it alone. Our phrase Join the Caravan stands at the heart of what we want to do. We want to nurture a family of authors who are passionate about sharing their stories, and care deeply for those whose voices may otherwise not be heard. We don’t want to be another submit and forget company where we take care of everything and leave our authors with the end result of what we create. We want to create an experience where authors feel emboldened and inspired by the love and dedication we give their work, so that while we partner together they are able to achieve their ideas of success. We want to give you that courage to venture out on your own too, knowing you will always have our support to fall back on.

For us, a caravan is like a family, and books are the most intimate parts of who we are, so we thought it was an appropriate metaphor for how we want to focus on you, the author. With all of that said, we hope you will in fact come along with us on this exciting new journey and join the caravan.