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How to make time for Writing

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Being a novel writer can be really difficult at times. Unlike other jobs where you apply, have your resume reviewed, and if you're hired you start work the next Monday, writing is a very entrepreneurial endeavor. No one hires you to be a writer until you’ve already gone through the daunting task of producing a full work. You don’t get any money up front, and even after you’ve finished your work, you’ll likely go through at least another year or two of trying to pitch it to a publisher to pick it up.

Because of all of this, finding the time to write, while still maintaining a life, a living for yourself and your family among all of the other things you do, can be a real challenge. Let’s talk about some ways you can ease the burden of working writing into your day to day schedule and finish that first book without having to beat yourself up for it. If it is your passion, it should liven up your day and make the regular churn of what you do feel more meaningful and fulfilling.

Why All the Amazon Links?

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To some of my readers adding links on books, and soon having links on the side where appropriate may seem like an unusual, and unwelcome change. I wanted to take a moment to explain why we are adding these things to our website and how it may affect you. As many of you know, Wandering Guide Publishing got its start back in April 2016. We had a different name back them, but overtime as the company has matured in its content and in its branding, so has its demands on me personally. I have self-funded this company from its inception spending hours upon hours finding new authors, reading advance reader copies to review, and developing this site from scratch. I would do it all over without a single dime because I am passionate about what we are doing, but the cost goes beyond time.

Favorite Book of 2017

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I am so excited to talk about this book with all of you! One of my goals last year was to get ahead on what was coming down the line in new young adult fiction. Unfortunately I didn't really achieve that, as I am a terribly slow reader and I always end up reading books that are at least a decade old. For 2017 however, I made a few exceptions and as far as this novel is concerned I am so glad that I did. This novel snuck in during late fall of last year and didn't get much buzz at my bookstore so I wasn't sure what to expect. I loved the artwork, and the premise sounded cool, but being the twenties on a budget adult that I am, I decided to restrain myself a little because I had already bought to many books in 2017. I put this book on my Christmas list, and it was the first novel I jumped into in the New Year because I was looking for something a bit more accessible.

Top 10 Picks for January 2018

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We are starting a new series of "Top 10" picks for each month's new releases. Fantasy is coming out strong in this new year and we excited to see all of the books that come out in 2018. Already the news is abuzz with new releases like "Fire and Fury", but we are focused exclusively on what is coming out in Young Adult! Be sure to share with friends and let us know what you think about our articles. We look forward to sharing more of the latest books. Keep reading and have an awesome New Year!

Author Interview: “Speak Easy, Speak Love” by McKelle George

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We are happy to announce THIS as our first ever, author interview for Wandering Guide Publishing. We have wanted to do one of these for some time, and we are excited to share this first author with you as her debut novel “Speak Easy, Speak Love” releases today. McKelle George retells the beloved Shakespearian Play, “Much Ado About Nothing” through the energetic point of view of a group of young teens running a speak easy in the 1920’s. Located in New York City, these characters come to life with a new flair as they fight to find their place in the world. Without spoiling the novel or the play if you are not familiar with either of them, here are a few of our highlights from the book.

Beatrice, one of the best characters of “Much Ado About Nothing” takes the lead as a young girl who is trying to finish her schooling, but when her funds run dry she is faced with turning back to work with her step-father on their farm. She decides instead to take the city on her own and seeks out her Uncle to make a new life for herself. Hero, perhaps one of the most charming characters in all literature becomes even more charming as she takes on her mother’s roll of hosting the speak easy, Hey Nonny Nonny.




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